We're so proud of the work we all do at KTS Music...some of the positive testimonials we get regularly include:

“Kids need to express themselves in ways that make them happy. If they express themselves through music, it should be appreciated and supported. Music can be a safe haven for many kids and I think that as parents we should support our children. The best place that my husband and I know this could be accomplished is at KTS. It is a fun experience that we know your children will enjoy”.....Byron and Kizzy Salguero

“This is my daughter’s first experience in piano classes, she really enjoys it and I’m so happy with KTS Music School. I will share this experience with our friends”.....Gilda Arguerta

My daughter is 7 years old. She has been a student at KTS Music School for 2 years. Before she came here she was at another school. There is really no comparison for the improvements I see here. I strongly recommend the school to anyone who wants to see their children strive in music”.....Bethsaida Romain

“We love your school! Ms. Hanna helps Sophia so much. I love to hear Sophia play and enjoy the learning experience. Thank you guys opportunity for being so kind to her and for having patience with her. I feel Sophia will learn and grow to be a great player because of KTS”....Pricilla Vargas

“Studios are very well run and the always professional staff is available to assist”.....Jesenia Rodriguez

“I love this school because of the atmosphere. Very clean, not noisy, class sizes are small so each student gets the proper personalized attention. Teachers are always smiling and very helpful. I would recommend this school 100%”......Anna Pysadee

“KTS is a wonderful and very open Music School. My child here has grown a lot since enrolling with this music school”.....Kamini Arjune

"It was a pleasure and an honor the day that I enrolled my son to this Music School. Since that day he has improved in some areas that he had not been doing well in school”.....Wayne Moore

“KTS Music School has had a tremendous effect on Kysten’s scholastic success as well as boosting her confidence level in her overall attitude. Prior to KTS Music School Krysten was an average student. Since she began KTS she has excelled in all subjects, thanks to her teacher Ms. Pia and all the other teachers that are coaching her each week”....Kystle Thompson